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Summer in the Dolomites - Explore the nature of Val Gardena

Surrounded by the incomparable mountain panorama of the Pale Mountains, Residence Fever is the perfect starting point for leisure activities in the UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Dolomites in summer

In terms of uniqueness, the Dolomites have outclassed any other place in the world for their beauty, the diversity in natural landscapes and their geological significance. So they became part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The Dolomites, also referred to as Pale Mountains, are the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Admire the unusual colours lighting up their peaks, and the contrast between the soft lines of the hills and the powerful peaks reaching for the sky.

The crystal air, sparkling lakes, different paths and climbs for everyone, as well as sparkling lakes and woods, invite you to discover a magical landscape. Use the ideal central position of our Residence Fever to start for walks and hikes as well as mountain bike tours around Val Gardena.